leave  reality  behind

Virtual X is the number one spot in the UK for Virtual Reality entertainment. We have a wide range of games and experiences to suit different ages and player type.

Whether you want to feel like you’re in a First Person Shooter, drive a supercar down a rally track, or even something more adrenaline packed, look no further than Virtual X. We transport you to a realm of endless possibilities where your only limit is your imagination.

We are equipped with some of the most advanced technology that allows you to go beyond your limits and step inside a virtual 3D world. With 360 degree visuals and immersive audio, you will be in disbelief as you leave the bounds of reality behind.

Our games can be played a number of ways: standing, seated or movement in a larger space. For the most immersive experience you will want to book one of the private rooms where you are able to move and interact with your 3D environment . 

We also host monthly competitions, so if you want to showcase your skills and be recognised, then enter one of our VERSUS competitions. 

Ways  to  Play

Full 360 degree viewing to maintain full immersion within your chosen experience. Leave reality behind and become part of your virtual world.

Use one of our private rooms for a superior immersive experience. The larger space enables you to Interact with and move around your 3D environment.  

 Immerse yourself completely with our Virtual Reality driving simulator. Use your advanced driving skills to burn some rubber and crush the competition.  

 If you prefer some casual gaming, enter one of our gaming tournaments to showcase your superior gaming skills. 

Who  Can  Play

Virtual X invites everyone to the world of virtual reality, we like to see a wide range of people taking part in our experiences so whether you’re young or mature, gamer or non gamer, come and step into a virtual world at Virtual X.



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