The future is now…The future is Virtual X


Virtual X is Birmingham’s first host of true virtual reality experiences. Our aim is to make virtual reality technology accessible to all members of the public no matter their age, gender or background. We remove all technical jargon and intimidating interfaces to deliver a seamless VR experience that will break boundaries and transform perceptions. Virtual X employs a roster of talent, ranging from expert gamers to game designers in order to deliver a highly immersive experience.

Our premise is ‘no boundaries’, and we will guide you through the virtual veil in order to Xperience The Unreal.


We like to work with innovative people and companies interested in what Virtual Reality has to offer. We also welcome schools, colleges and universities interested in working with us. If you would like to get involved, please contact us here. 

 Great business opportunities and  implementation into multiple industries. 

 Working together to achieve a common goal

 Work experience and development projects for schools, colleges and universities